Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sizes?

All clothes are unisex. We recommend you to check out our size chart to make the right decision.

If the size doesn’t fit and you want to change, you can do so. Check the questions below for more information about our return policy.

Please note that the t-shirt, and sweater sizes are not entirely the same. The sweaters tend to be a bit smaller than the t-shirts.
Polos also tend to be a bit larger than t-shirts

Size Chart_Polos_STROM_Minimal

What if the size doesn’t fit and I want to change?

What if I want to return the clothes and get a refund?

What's your delivery time?

Delivery time

  • Belgium and The Netherlands: 1-3 Business days
  • France, Germany and Denmark: 2-6 Business days
  • UK, Italy, Austria and Spain: 4- 8 Business days
  • Rest of Europe and the world: Expect 5 – 15 Business days
  • USA: 7-14 Business days

Please take into consideration public and national holidays, strikes and unforeseen circumstances beyond STRØM’s will and capacity.

How much is the delivery cost?

We offer free shipping for orders above €90 for EU orders.

To check the latest shipping costs for your country, calculate your shipping costs directly in your cart.

What is Budbee?

Budbee is our Fossil Free delivery partner. All their terminals are energy-self-sufficient equipped with solar panels and charging stations for Electric vehicles. Budbee picks up your package from our HQ with their cargobikes.

Budbee provides accurate track & trace through their app where you can customize your delivery to your exact specifications. They also deliver packages between 5pm and 10pm, the most convenient time for customers.

More questions? Find your answers here :

How does Budbee work?
If you have chosen Budbee as shipping option, you’ll receive updates during the following touchpoints :
– Track & Trace lets you know when they received the package
– Text message on the day of delivery (if this day does not suit you, you can move the date via your track & trace)
– Text message when the delivery driver has started his route
– Text message an hour before delivery with live map where you can follow the driver
– Text message a few minutes before delivery to remind you
– Text message after the delivery.

I chose Budbee as my carrier but another carrier delivered my package
It might be possible that Budbee delivers in your country but not yet in your neighborhood. If this is the case, we will automatically choose another shipping carrier for you. In some cases, even though Budbee can deliver to your address, we can decide internally to send with another carrier to get the parcel more quickly to you or in cases of Budbee issues.

I have placed my order but have not received any track & trace information from Budbee
If you have chosen Budbee as your carrier then Budbee will send you a text message with your track & trace information when they receive the package. You can also download their app and log in with your information (same email address as you ordered on our website) to see all your track & trace information.

I’ve received a track & trace email but there is no button to check my track & trace information
No need to panic! This is just a confirmation email from our side that lets you know that we are processing your order. Budbee will send you a separate email or text message to give you all the track & trace information.

I haven’t received any information about my order in a couple of days
If you have chosen Budbee as your carrier then you can always download their app to find all the information regarding your order. If you notice that there is no information in the app regarding your order, please contact Budbee directly via the app. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get an update. You can also contact them via the following link : If they cannot help you, please contact us.

Budbee has informed me that my package has arrived but I have not received anything
If you received a confirmation email or text message saying your package was delivered but you have not received anything, we recommend contacting Budbee via the app. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get an update. You can also contact them via the following link; They can let you know where your package was delivered and they usually answer quite fast. If they cannot help you please. contact us. 

My package was supposed to arrive today but I did not receive anything
Have you checked your track & trace information? You can find that information via the link that was sent to you or in the app.