About us

Handcrafted with love

Designed in Antwerp

The unexpected ways of life carry plenty of surprises. STRØM’s history of existence is based on one of those chance encounters. Allow us to take you back to the memorable Spring of 2017… It was during an Antwerp-based warm, cozy birthday party (with exquisite hotdogs being served) that Nico, Charly, Simon and Kristof started talking about a new clothing brand based upon the combination of high quality textile and recognizable, minimal icon designs. After The further elaboration of the brand/concept was far from what you could call a walk in the (Stads)park. But eventually the snail reached the ark on river Schelde… while bringing with him the inspiration to baptize the brand with the name STRØM; a wink to both Antwerp, the “Stad aan de Stroom” and Scandinavian minimalism.

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Organic cotton

Sustainable clothes

The textile industry has a long history of tense relationships with both people and planet. Therefore, choosing and working with a manufacturer that respects both environmental and labor standards in the strictest way is of continuous utmost importance for us. STRØM clothes are all made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Organic means that the cotton is produced according to the natural cycle, i.e. without chemicals and any harm to the entire environment. Our production process is internationally certified via the following accreditations:

  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard
  • OBCS: Organic Blended Content Standard
  • GBS: Global Recycled Standard

We also comply with the Fair Wear Trade Label, which guarantees safe and fair labor standards.

STROM Clothing-sustainable clothing
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Happiness and friendship

Social responsibility

Charity forms the capstone of CSR at STRØM. Picking the right initiative is very important for us as we believe that corporate identification with the bigger purpose is essential for both the credibility of our brand and our personal motivation and happiness. Annual sponsorship rotation motivates us every year again to maximize the impact of our donations.

Entrepreneurship without CSR is unthinkable these days. We honestly try to identify and pursue what is meaningful instead of what is expedient by incorporating our honest vision on people and planet in the way we market our products. We are well aware of the fact that you do not simply buy our products but that you foremost buy who we are and where we stand for. So it is our mission to make sure that we are worth your identification.

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